Monday, June 15, 2009

Its My Family!!!

Hi All,
Today I am going to write about the strongest network in the world-Family. Yes Family,it's the most beautiful and strongest word in the whole world.What comes to our mind the moment we hear the term 'Family?Yes, our wonderful parents ,our loving siblings who we shared every special and naughty moment of our lives with or that special someone with whom we are happily ready to spend our entire life with.Family is not just a group of two or more people who share the same goals, culture and value and who have long term commitments to one another.Its much more than that.Its a relationship worth living.Its a sense of belonging.Its a blessing.We all are lucky to be part of the most beautiful families in the world.They are God's gift to us.Whatever we are today are only because of what our parents did for us.Nothing on earth can pay back the love, care and support our parents provided us. Family is the strongest element in shaping lives.Its the most powerful bond in the world. Without families we are nothing.During the most difficult times of our lives it our family who will always be there for us .With no relatives, no support there is no beauty in living.If you look back now you can easily say that the greatest happiness in your life is family happiness.That special birthday party your parents arranged for you, that romantic dinner your partner arranged for you, those special secrets which you and your sibling shared..You can see a large number of examples in your life.You have heard the adage " Family is one of nature's masterpieces".Its true to every word.But in today world where one doesn't have time for oneself, how much time do we spend with our loved ones.Yes we have to think over it.And unless and until we make a conscious effort to take time and share our life with our families things are not going to fall in place.I am not saying we are doing it intentionally.Even we are not realising how time is slipping off even we not being aware of it.
So guys don't delay,don't wait until you have met your deadlines, don't wait till you finish your exams, don't wait till you are back form your important business trip, don't wait for you to achieve that special dream of yours..Because the greatest and most beautiful dream come true on earth is to be with your loved ones.Its the dream of being part of a loving family.Everything else is nothing compared to the happiness we get when we are with our loved ones.Never take your family for granted.They play and must play the most important role in your life. You have heard the adage 'I don't care how poor a man is; if he has family, he's rich'.Well said.So make your family more beautiful by always being there for one another,and by building unforgettable beautiful memories with each passing day. And never ever forget to thank God for blessing you with a wonderful family.

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