Monday, June 22, 2009

Chana Masala

Chickpeas, also called chana is an edible legume. Its high in protein content and is one of the most commonly cultivated vegetable.It was first cultivated in the middle east.They are very high in dietary fibre and hence a healthy source of carbohydrates for people with diabetes.It also helps to lower the cholesterol level.

Today chickpeas are used in a large variety of recipes. Its the main ingredient in Chana Masala which is a spicy indian curry.

Ingredients :
Chickpeas- 1 cup(cooked)
Onion - 2 medium sized
Tomato - 1
Garlic paste- 2 tspn
Ginger paste- 1 tspn
Green Chillies - 4
Turmeric powder - 1/2 tspn
Sambar powder - 3 tblspn
Garam Masala - 1 tspn
Lime juice - 1 tblspn
Olive oil or Refined oil- 3 tblspn
Salt to taste
Coriander leaves - 1 cup(chopped)

Cooking Time : 30 min
Serves - 6

Method of preparation :

1. Heat oil in a large skillet.
2.Add the chopped onion to it and fry till they become golden yellow in colour.

3.Add the chopped green chillies, salt and ginger and garlic paste.
4.Add the turmeric and sambar powder and saute for around 5 minutes.
5.Add the cooked chickpeas and tomatoes and garam masala powder.Stir for 10 minutes.
6.Add 1 cup of water and cook till the chana becomes soft(10 minutes).
7.Turn off the flame and add lime juice and mix well.
8.Garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot with puri or batura.
Hope you enjoyed it..

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