Monday, March 16, 2009

Think Positively.....

Hey here i am with another topic on human behaviour..Positive Thinking..We have all heard people say "Don't worry, Be Positive.Things will work out dear".This may console us for that ten minutes or so.After that what next?Have we really thought about the power of positive thinking.Have you ever tried applying it once to the things happening in your life.Lets take a brief look at the power of Positive Thinking.
Life is a combination of success, failures, problems and happiness.Whatever the case we have to live with it.And if there are problems there will definitely be solutions.Believe it or not,this is a universal fact.Accept it.The sad part is that most of us stop trying and give up when we have almost reached the solution.This should not be the case.Be determined.Prepare yourself to go that extra mile to reach the solution to your problems.Don't step back.This is where positive thinking helps.In simple words we can define positive thinking as having a positive approach to everything happening in life.Its not easy.Its difficult.But believe me it also brings its fruits of success along with it.It helps us believe that when one door closes another will definitely open.Life is all about choices.We have to make the right choice.And there are only two choices as far the problems is life are concerned.Either develop a positive attitude towards the problems in your life and be happy or develop a negative attitude and waste your time and energy thinking about it and blaming others and your fate for it.Developing a negative attitude is not going to help us in any way.Its has only disadvantages.Whereas if we develop a positive attitude which requires courage as the first step we will definitely be in the right track.Positive thinking helps us define the right cause of the problem and helps us in solving it.It is the 'i can do it' attitude.Problems in life makes us stronger.We have got a lesson to learn from every problem we face.It may take time to achieve the desired results.But believe me you will be a much happier human being if you put in the efforts along with believing in yourself.I am not saying that we can achieve the impossible with the help of positive thinking.But positive thinking will definitely help you in playing your cards well.So what if you didn't get the expected result.You have done your part.Leave the rest to God.The Almighty will definitely help.So guys once a negative thought enters your mind try to replace it with a positive one.Thinking positively doesn't mean blindly believing that everything i do is going to be right.That's not the case.You have to work towards it.I promise you that once you understand the true power of positive thinking and practice it in your life you will be able to see the brighter side of your life and be a much more colourful person.That's what the world today wants.Nobody would like to be with a person who always talks about problems and how unfortunate he or she is.All of us prefers being with someone who spreads happiness ,who inspires us,who makes us feel life is beautiful.Positive thinking help us bring joy and confidence into our life and make us be that person who everybody would love to be with!

So guys next time a problem comes in your life say ' i can deal with it'.It is certainly an approach that's worth trying.Be an optimist.Believe me, succcess will be yours. You deserve to be happy because you are worth it!!!So go ahead and give a shot.It will definitely bring a smile on your face.

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