Thursday, March 12, 2009

Relationships-Value Them!!!

Relationship-yes this is a very common word in today's world.Have any of us really thought about what this word means.There was a time when nothing much was said about a relationship and it was healthy in its complete sense.It was a term which was used not that frequently by us.But now you can see people talking about relationships everywhere-the relationship between parents and children,that between husband and wife,that between two sisters.Gone are the days when people really enjoyed being in a relationship.Now everybody wants freedom.We have got everything-money,fame and whatever we wish for.Still there's something misssing.Still there's a distance.Have you thought about it?'Definitely Yes would be the answer.This is a very common line you will find anywhere nowadays.'Have you thought about the reason for the distance in every relationship?'.We hear it a number of times in seminars,in television shows,books etc.We will think about it for a day or two after the program ends.And then?Then what,back to the usual routine.Yes it has become a part of our lives to wish for more and more.This will never stop.We are never satisfied.As a result of this there is no time to invest in a relationship.But in the long run we are forgetting the truth-Life is Short and time is running.So live life in the most beautiful way.There are a number of factors that lead to the distance in a relationship.And the major factor which I consider is lack of communication.
Communication- for god sake please understand that this is not a small term.Understand it.Practice it.Most of the problems that we see today results from lack of communication.And yes again there is not time for communication.Try it.Go for it.Don't wait for the other person to start.?This lack of communication is one of the main problems in marriages today.As we all know Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.So there will be differences.We all know that the probability that a man and woman will think alike is less than a percent.We all know that.Then why?Then why do you wait for the other person to solve the problem.What is that prevents you from taking the first step.What is that stops you from admitting your mistake when your heart says that you are wrong.Speak it out.Believe me, you will never be disappointed.Let it out.Make things clear.Solve the problem together.Once you start communicating you will understand the problem was never that big as you expected it to be.You will be happy.And girls,please stop assuming that your partner thinks exactly the way you are thinking.Please stop believing that he always knows what you want.And never ever think that its their duty to know what you want.Of course it is.And they are doing it.The only difference is they fail to understand sometimes without us telling them.And thats where the problem lies.You will forget about the most precious things he had done for you, the moments he had supported you when you needed him to be there and will focus your complete concentration on thinking about the new problem.Thoughts like"this isn't fair,i do things for him without him telling me", "why cant he understand me even after so many years of marriage", "why do i have to hint everytime I want something from him","why cant he only listen to me rather then completing one more task along with it", "why cant he compliment me atleast sometimes" come to our mind.These thoughts go through every woman's mind.You admit it or not.But lets admit this why they say men and women are from two different planets.
Same is the case in every relationship.I just cited an example above.The same is applicable in the case of friends,siblings etc.Even parents should never assume that their children are supposed to know what they should do everytime.Tell them,make them understand in their way what is expected of them.Tell them why you want them to do that.In short communicate with them.Spend time with them.Understand them.Believe me it will work wonders.And never forget that we must have been worser than this when we were kids!!And the naughty ones out there, same is the case with you children also.You should go and speak to your parents about whatever problems you have.Learn to share problems with your parents.They will definitely understand.Don't let anything stop you from discussing problems with your parents.If they don't understand then nobody will.So go straight and talk to them.They will only be happy to hear you and feel proud that you went and shared it with them.They may not show it outside.Thats one difference between grown ups and children.But thats fine,you got your problem solved right!

So guys never ever underestimate the power of communication in a relationship.Lets together make the term 'family' beautiful and something which everybody longs for.


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